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Kurt Simon's legacy continues to be uncovered and discovered as we look through and examine old paperwork, documents and photographs, in our continuing quest to truly know the man who influenced so many of us.  We have recently added a new section about Kurt's brief stint at Stuttgart Technical University in 1931, and we continue to add new stories, photographs and documents as we come across them.

If you have not had a chance to do so, but would like to share some of your experiences or photos of Kurt Simon please email them to memories@kurtsimonsays.com, and we wil post them immediately.  

Thank you for continuing to be a part of Kurt Simon's ongoing living legacy.
Kuft - baby

On the following pages you will find many pieces of Kurt's life.  I am sure there are many blank spots we missed, but it is next to impossible to fully express this man's life, even with a million pages.  We did the best we could, and focused on the highlights.  This web page is intended to be a living homage, and we will continue to add material as we find it.  

Amongst the many treasures contained within, you will find a photo gallery, comprised of pictures of Kurt's ancestors, his early years, his life as a young man, his later years, the many friends he touched, and his life with Atsuko Kawahara as well as a slide show of pictures throughout his life.  CLICK HERE to jump to the Photos section.  


You will also find many great videos including an interview from shortly before his death in 2007, an interview regarding his Sovereign Fund Foundation, many of his educational shorts and his film "The Highwayman", CLICK HERE to jump to the videos section.  

You will find some of Kurt's favorite quotes in the "Kurt's Wisdoms" section, CLICK HERE to jump to the Quotes section.  You will find pages of information about The Sovereign Fund, and all the recipients, CLICK HERE for the Sovereign Fund section.  You will find a biography of Kurt written by Ulrike Eisensträager (both translated in English, and in the original German) CLICK HERE to read Kurt's biography.  You will also find some newspaper clippings about Kurt from hs early days in Hollywood all the way to his later years, where the LA Times interviewed him about The Sovereign Fund.  Click here for the Press section.

And finally, you will find my favorite section, "Stories About Kurt," featuring many of the stories you have sent in, and even one from Kurt himself during WWII.  CLICK HERE for the "Stories About Kurt" section.


Most importantly, please remember the intention of this site.  Like Kurt, we believe strongly that human interaction, relationships, and personal expression are amongst the highest ideals man can strive for.  Please take ownership of these pages.  Leave your comments.  Send in any additional stories you think of, email us your pictures.  Today is only the beginning of this site.  Maybe in 100 years it will still be around in some for or another and we will be celebrating Kurt's 200th birthday… just imagine all the treasures, memories and wisdom we would have then if we all contribute to this site today.

Thank you for being a part of the extended Kurt W. Simon family.  If you have any additions, corrections, comments or if you just want to be in connection with me directly, my name is Dylan Stewart, and I can be reached by CLICKING HERE.

So start exploring, and enjoy this site… 

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