Sovereign Fund

As many people who knew Kurt know, one of his proudest achievements was his creation and sponsorship of The Sovereign Fund.  The Sovereign Fund was a non-profit organization that awarded $10,000-$20,000 cash awards to people deemed to have furthered the cause of personal and individual freedom in America.  It was fully funded by Kurt, and it was his way to give back.  On the following pages you will find a professional video interview of Kurt talking about his life, and his formation of the Sovereign Fund.  You will find all the documentation from the Sovereign Fund packet that includes information and the purpose of the fund, as well as a list of all the recipients, and separate PDF documents for each of the recipients discussing their lives, and why they were given the award.  You will find an article from 1995 in the LA Times focusing on Kurt and The Sovereign Fund.  You will also find a video of Kurt and the presentation of one of the actual awards.


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