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On the pages below you will find stories submitted from all over the world, as well as a personal post from me, one from Atsuko, and a surprise story straight from Kurt's lips.  This page only shows the 10 top stories, but there are approximately 20 so far.  The best way to read them is to click on one that interests you, then use the blue links at the top of the page to navigate forward or backwards between stories.  You can also use the menu bar at the top to navigate directly to any story you would like to read.  Read on, and don't forget to leave your comments on any stories you like.

Kurt Simon and the Art of Hosting a Party

Lorraine and daughter

Kurt and I met in 1964 at a Goldwater for President fund raiser at  Lucille Boston's home in Marina del Rey.  We discussed our mutual philosophy -- live and let live, but do not be fooled by fatuous manipulation.  We enjoyed discussions on world affairs, travel, working to improve one's life and other meaningful get-acquainted talk.  …

Kurt Simon and the Kurtish Smile

Brasserie De Bademeester 19.4. (3) Ausschnitt

The Kurtish Smile

 We met 30 years ago. I was 35 then and Kurt was 70. My husband and I were travelling in the South Seas. On the island of Tongatapu we went to a French restaurant featuring chairs and tables on the sands of a lonely beach, set before a background of two or three huts covered with palm leaves and a rusty open air shower for the guests. …

Kurt Simon and the Thank You Note

Christmas Stocking

Thank you thank you, dear Atsuko!   Kurt certainly left an indelible  legacy in all of us.   

I now live in Wahsington State, but when I go back to Guatemala in January I will look.  I believe I may have saved a couple of Kurt's wonderful,hand-drawn Christmas cards,  and I kinow I saved a thank you note I  sent him -  after  he very generously gave me a  trip to Vancouver to meet my  baby grandson  Keith, something I was dying to do, but could not afford at the time.  it is hard to believe Keith is now 26, but Kurt left an emplty spot in our hearts.  …

Kurt Simon and the Governess

Brasserie De Bademeester 19.4. (3) Ausschnitt

When we had met in the South Pacific Kurt had given us a name and an ad­dress in Essen: “She is a sweet old lady called Else Erdnüss and I love her very much. You should get to know her and give her my regards.” 

Back in Germany, I wrote her a letter and got a neat hand written reply. We all used to write our personal letters by hand those days. …

Kurt Simon and the Early Morning Talk

Brasserie De Bademeester 19.4. (3) Ausschnitt

Kurt was nearly 95 and I was 60 when one day in April I felt like I wanted to hear his voice. He was an early bird and I knew he used to sit at his writing desk in the rocky nook that connected his house with the surrounding nature, overlooking the huge living room. And there he was at about four o’clock a.m. Pacific time speaking clearly and distinctively about his death. …

Kurt Simon and the sausage party

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One year my wife Judy & I  decided to have a sausage making party at our house in Pasadena during the Christmas holiday.   And, if those attending wanted to watch the Rose Parade, this was easy because our house was only one block off the parade route. 

If anyone has ever made sausage they will understand how the term "like making sausage" came into common use to describe messy social or political situations.  …

Kurt Simon and the MacWhisperer

 MG 1953

My name is Dylan Stewart, and I have known Kurt Simon since about 2002.  He was my father's landlord at a beautiful beach pad my Dad lived in for several years.  At the time I met him, I was working as an assistant to a Hollywood producer, raising my daughter single-handedly, and dabbling with starting a career as a computer consultant.  …

Kurt Simon and the Perfect Match

Latest Kurt & Atsuko 2003

My story of Kurt:

I lived with Kurt for 22 years.  It was packed in with so many experiences and condensed to the point that it feels like it was 60 years... 60 amazing and unforgettable years.  It has been the highlight of my entire life.

I learned a lot of things from him, but the most important were his philosophy and his good judgement.  …

Kurt Simon and the long lost friendship

I would like to share with you my memories of Kurt Simon’s life,
and how we met Kurt.  Sometime in the years of 1961 or 1962, Kurt and 2 of his friends visited Bali.  They arrived at Bali Airport, and at that moment my late husband  (Jong Tjan) was at the airport to pick up his friend. He noticed there were 3 tourists that seemed lost.  …

Kurt Simon and the Backseat Driver


I am Kurt's brother-in-law, and I am Japanese, so this story has been roughly translated into English for me:

In 2006, when I was in LA with my wife who is Atsuko's sister, Kurt would drive us as if he was a young man.  Especially when he drove on the freeway he would go extremely fast, and move left and right very smoothly as if he was one of those Water Strider bugs.  

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