Kurt at Stuttgart Technical University

In 1931, Kurt's father used his influences to encourage the industial conglomerate Fried.Krupp to take Kurt in and train him in a practical engineering course.  This gave Kurt specific manufacturing experience that would allow him to get into the Engineering department at Stuttgart Technical University.  

The first letter here is from Fried.Krupp stating that they would be exceptionally pleased to take Kurt into the program.  This was a rarity, and a major exception to allow someone from outside the company and the family into the training program.  Obvously Ernst must have had significant connections to make this happen.

Ultimately Kurt would not graduate from the university because he was confronted with antisemitism.  He returned to Werden, and began an apprenticeship at Döllken, but he kept the option open to return to Stuttgart University as a guest status auditor.

Employment Letter

Here we see the admission letter sent to Kurt from the University in November of 1931.

Admission Certificate

After finishing his Winter Semester, he came back, but not as a full student, as a guest student as shown in the document below.  Translation: Ausweis für Gasthörer means ID Card for Guest Student.  We believe that after his first semester, Kurt went back to Werden, where he worked with his father at Döllken, returning to school only part time.  The University was not where Kurt got his true education.

Kurt's Attendance Card

Here is Kurt's student card from the University.  We can only imagine what kind of different man Kurt might have become had he stayed.  That being said, everything happens for a reason, and Kurt's future lay in a different direction than academia.  He rarely spoke about his one semester in the University, and it was not until these documents were uncovered that his closest family even knew about it.

Front of Student Card
Student Card
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