Kurt Simon and the Art of Hosting a Party

Lorraine and daughter

Kurt and I met in 1964 at a Goldwater for President fund raiser at  Lucille Boston's home in Marina del Rey.  We discussed our mutual philosophy -- live and let live, but do not be fooled by fatuous manipulation.  We enjoyed discussions on world affairs, travel, working to improve one's life and other meaningful get-acquainted talk.  Our mutual interest in human nature and our social circle led us to become fast frriends. 

As a host, Kurt shined.  His friends were always interesting; his hospitality well-planned in advance to avert unwelcome surprises; his environment uncluttered; his European-type salon was attended by fascinating  people of diverse and highly educated backgrounds.  It was my privilege to be an occasional guest over a period of forty  years.  Kurt gave my entire life a new depth and his friendship was an enriching experience.

There was one time that I was able to accommodate his desire to become a member of the Los Angeles County Grand Jury.  Since I worked as a court reporter in the civic center for many years, I was aware of how the system worked . Another friend on the bench requested Kurt's service.  Then the avenue opened and Kurt met all the requirements for a year's service as a grand juror.  He was selected, then distinguished himself as a hard worker with outstanding values and made many friends in the court system.  Everyone benefited and it pleased Kurt to open up a new phase of his life as a United States citizen doing more than his part for our country. 

There was a time when we discussed the Sovereign Fund.  Kurt did not present Sovereign  as his philanthropy, but it was.  He designed and funded it to recognize and honor a citizen each year.  These persons were people whom had never gained  recognition for their contribution to society and may have otherwise been denied appreciation for their contribution to individual freedom.  The reward was a heart-warming celebration, a tribute to each person that had given  so much of their life helping others.

Kurt was a man with a hearty laugh, a salty sense of humor, a smile that lit up a room.  He was extremely generous. He, himself, deserved the awards he gave readily to his comrades and to the anonymous who were fortunate to be in his shadow. Kurt's steadfast goodness lives on in the memories of his many friends.  His spirit will never die.

Lorraine Ward
Long Beach ,CA

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