Kurt Simon and the Life Long Friendship


Kurt was a very, very good friend of my close friend and companion Henry LENTCHITZKY.

They met during a trip on board the "MARIPOSA" which brought Henry to Australia.

It was around 1958-1960 when they first met, and after that they looked after each other.  Henry  would stop and visit Kurt in Los Angeles, before continuing his journey to France, and then he stopped again on his return trip. Sometimes, Kurt would take a vacation in Tahiti, and would stay in Henry's house for a month or more.  And once their friendship had taken root, it never stopped. Kurt watched as Henry's children and grandchildren grew up, and he always felt like they were his children too. You could say that in each other's minds, they were a family.

As for me, Henry introduced me in November 2003, when I accompanied him to France. I was greeted warmly by Kurt and Atsuko. Kurt was an outstanding guide, and he helped me to discover beautiful places: the museum Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Malibu, Marina Del Rey and many other places each more beautiful tyhan the last. I can't forget all the different restaurants where we were treated like VIPs, because of Kurt's reputation!

In October of 2006, Kurt and Atsuko joined us for Henry's daughter Katia's wedding.  Kurt was 94, and in spite of his age, and the beginning of his failing health, he was fully present in spirit and in body. It meant so much to all of us to haver Kurt there.  We will always thank him for his great mark of affection… he knew how to truly and really love.  We were so happy and touched to have him among us during this celebration.

And what a joy it was for me to welcome Kurt and Atsuko home, to my island and to my humble abode. I knew Kurt wanted Atsuko to revisit Rangiroa and it would especially please him to stay in an overwater bungalow at the Kia Ora like they did back in their younger days. I think it was yet another honeymoon for them?

Thank you Kurt. This visit was unforgettable, because it was your last trip with us. It will be forever in my heart.

And you see Kurt, Atsuko and I follow your example. We too are and will remain the best of friends as you and Henry did. And I'm sure there - above, you and Henry watch over us together and are pleased that we continue the friendship that you built and that we inherited.

Thank you, oh! Big thank you, Kurt and Henry for all the LOVE that you had given us.

Love Dany Nouveau
Tahiti, French Polynesia

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