Kurt Simon and the long lost friendship

I would like to share with you my memories of Kurt Simon’s life,
and how we met Kurt.  Sometime in the years of 1961 or 1962, Kurt and 2 of his friends visited Bali.  They arrived at Bali Airport, and at that moment my late husband  (Jong Tjan) was at the airport to pick up his friend. He noticed there were 3 tourists that seemed lost.  Jong greeted them and started having conversations.  Kurt and his friends admitted that they had no idea where they could find a room to stay.

Jong offered them to stay with us at our family home as long as they like. So they all stayed with us while they were in Bali. (So sorry we can’t find Kurt’s picture during that stay). 

After they left Bali we kept in touch for many years, but shortly after that somehow we lost touch for many-many years.  

In 1970, my niece Njoman (she was studying in L.A.) met Atsuko and she invited Njoman to a party where Njoman met Kurt. They began to talk and talk, and one story led to others, and soon Kurt learned that Njoman was related to us, and that we had moved to Canada in 1967. 

Since then Kurt and us, we were united again and became good friends again. Thanks to Atsuko.

Lisa Bernadette Tjan

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