Kurt Simon and the Neighbor's Newborn


As next door neighbors of Kurt during the last ten years of his life, we had many opportunities to see him and appreciate his unique wisdom and humor as well as his wonderful appreciation for people and history.  

Kurt did so many things and met so many people over his life; he designed and built his beautiful and striking home and planted many of the trees that sit on our property today as seventy or eight feet giants.  

He told wonderful stories of skiing in the local mountains as a young man and of participating in the growth and development of Southern California.  But we are very proud to know that one of his experiences came late in his life and only through his friendship with us.  

When our youngest son, Grant-Christopher, was born in December of 2005, Kurt came over to see the baby.  He asked to hold the baby and we were delighted to see how well he managed the newborn.  Kurt told us it was the first time he had ever held a baby!  Kurt was always open to new adventures, and we are happy we were able to provide him at least one.

Tracy and Gene Sykes
Brentwood, California


Hi Atsuko and Dylan,

Gene sent an story to you yesterday.  I believe Atsuko has a photo of Kurt holding our then newborn.  You are welcome to scan it and put it with the story.  If you need me to scan my copy, I'm happy to do it .  Let me know.  

Kurt was so funny that day when he held Grant-Christopher — I told him, "Here, Kurt, you can hold him.".  He  reflexively yet a bit reluctantly held out his arms and said, "What do I do?"  I said, "Don't drop him!".  Will never forget…

Thank you.


Gene Sykes & Family

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