Kurt Simon and the playpen encounter

Thank you for putting me on the list for the big project you are entertaining re Kurt's life. I feel a bit embarrassed, because I really don't know Kurt that well. Kurt was a cousin of my Mother, Lily van Cleeff, Simon. The first time I met Kurt was in 1947 or 1948, when he visited our family in Holland. 

Kurt would tell you that he first met me in 1930/1931, when I was in a playpen. We did not have any contact after that time. In 1998, I started slowly to take over my Mother's correspondence when she had to go into a nursing home. Kurt and I exchanged New Years cards. I enjoyed his sense of humor, we had a yearly correspondence going. Tom Simon did most of the work for the court case in New York due to Kurt's advice.

We are not on face book but I am very interested in the end result of your project and get to know Kurt a bit more.

Dori Abbot

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