Kurt Simon and the Poem

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Written in Celebration of Dear Kurt's 80th Birthday

Eighty years ago to day baby Kurt was born
With pale blonde hair and bright blue eyes his mothers heart to warm

He left his homeland years ago his destiny to find
And through his strong explores heart he met up with his kind

This man did things that gave him Soul
The world was his domain
And through his eyes you will see your mind needs no restrain.

We are better people for having met this man
He opened new horizons he showed you that you can

The hair is now grey the eyes are still blue, yet the boy in the man still shines through.
The body is strong, the mind is too, the eyes say " never fear age and what is coming to you".

When Dear Kurt looks back upon his life he need feel, no regrets, for he is you see, an Old Soul, and there is better yet


Written by Ruby Dann Romano, June 1992 for Kurt Simon, Dear Friend

This is the man Nicky and I knew and respected.
We met Kurt and Atsuko through our extended family members, Henri and Moea Lent, they having been our  friends for some 45 years or more. Tahiti was a good place for us to meet, as Tahiti held a very special place in Kurts Heart

This resulted in many wonderful get togethers in Tahiti, Australia, and LA
We loved his mind and his way of thinking.
We loved the fact that he thought of us as friends, as we did him.

Just after we retired In 2004 while in LA and staying with Atsuko and Kurt,.
Kurt did a renewal of our marriage vows, on the request of Nicky, Beautifully simple and meaningful
For us, it was so memorable sharing that with such dear people, such dear friends 
Next day we were on a Trans Atlantic Ship trip back to Australia on the Saphire Princess

One question Kurt did ask us when we retired. was, what will you put back now that you are retired? we are still working on it.

Atsuko was always a perfect partner for him, and he loved her very much, as we do.

Ruby Romano
Sydney, Australia

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