Kurt Simon and the sausage party

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One year my wife Judy & I  decided to have a sausage making party at our house in Pasadena during the Christmas holiday.   And, if those attending wanted to watch the Rose Parade, this was easy because our house was only one block off the parade route. 

If anyone has ever made sausage they will understand how the term "like making sausage" came into common use to describe messy social or political situations.  And, because Kurt was so active in politics, the term was appropriate as related to some of his activities.  

The party lived up to it's name.  It was really messy with ground meat mixed with herbs & spices before  trying to stuff the mess into pig's or cow's intestines.  Stuffing the slippery slimy mess into intestines at the same time while drinking a lot good holiday wine combined to make a very merry holiday for all. 

Another memory about Kurt Simon.  

Willard Chilcott   

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