Kurt Simon and the Second Boy

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I met you and Kurt almost 12 years ago, you were the members of a Trade Mission from LA County. As the coordinator of that trade mission we met in Shanghai and then we went to Hangzhou and Taicang together. After you came back to the States we started communicating via emails. I have learned a lot from Kurt's emails. His wisdom inspired me and helped me make some good decisions in my life's most important moments.

On June 10, 2002 ( I remembered that date very clearly) I went to LA to start working at my company's headquarter. I stayed in LA for 3 and half years. During that 3 and half years we met a few times and I was very honored to be invited to your home to spend a weekend. I still remember that Sunday morning when we sat by your long wooden dinner table to have breakfast together. I could see the Catrina Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean through your kitchen's window. It was beautiful. I could never forget it.

I met my husband in LA and we had our first boy in LA too. When I was pregnant I shared the good news with you and Kurt. Then Kurt bought me a book "What to expect when you are expecting" from Amazon. That book is called the Bible of pregnant. Kurt told me that he had bought that book for me and it would be delivered to me in a couple of days by Amazon. When I didn't receive that book after one week I wrote an email to Kurt to tell him maybe that book was lost along the way. Kurt then bought that book again for me by Amazon. 

Finally, I received the two books together. When Kurt found out, he said "Linda, maybe that implied that you will have 2 kids in the future". After we moved back to China at the end of 2005, it happened, and I was pregant again. Now I am a mother of two boys. Kurt even mailed a silver spoon to Shanghai as a gift for my second boy after he came to the world. Kurt was that kind of a person... always considerate.

Time goes faster than our thought. We left LA almost 7 years ago. No matter where I am Kurt's philosophy has always affected me. He is like a mentor to me.

There are more words I would like to say and more meaningful sentences which Kurt told to me that I would like to share with everyone. But now I only want to say ---Kurt is always in our mind and all of us are very proud to have a friend whose name is Kurt W. Simon.


Linda Lu
Shanghai, China

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