Kurt Simon and the Thank You Note

Christmas Stocking

Thank you thank you, dear Atsuko!   Kurt certainly left an indelible  legacy in all of us.   

I now live in Wahsington State, but when I go back to Guatemala in January I will look.  I believe I may have saved a couple of Kurt's wonderful,hand-drawn Christmas cards,  and I kinow I saved a thank you note I  sent him -  after  he very generously gave me a  trip to Vancouver to meet my  baby grandson  Keith, something I was dying to do, but could not afford at the time.  it is hard to believe Keith is now 26, but Kurt left an emplty spot in our hearts.  He  kept the thank you note and sent it back to me  some years later.  I just have to put my hands on it, and have somebody teach me how to integrate it to your website.  

I would like to know how YOU are, what occupies your days,   and if you sitll live in that wonderful house  that offered hospitality to so many  friends over the years.  Please be well, and let me hear from you. 

Best, Anita Aparicio

(Editor's note:  The stockings shown in the picture above were both made by the author of this story)

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