Kurt Simon and the wedding to-be

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I am so grateful that Kurt was in my life.  I met him in the 50s at Margot Factor's house.  it was like a salon of all people that came from all over the world. We had the most interesting times meeting these fabulous people, had great dinners and fantastic entertainment. It was quite marvelous and it is where I met Kurt and where we became very good friends. 

Back then, I was married to my first husband and had 4 children.  We saw Kurt often because I loved the theater and whenever he had tickets to special things like a ballet he invited me, and it was great.  

One night he invited us to an opening at the Los Angeles County Museum and that is when we met Werner Scharff, one of his best friends... and that was the beginning of a big change in my life.  

To  make a long story short in the few following years I divorced my husband, Werner divorced his wife and after a few years we got married and had a wonderful life until he died 6 years ago.

I will be eternally grateful to Kurt for the introduction that change my life.   

Simon Scharff
Santa Monica, California

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