World Expo 1929-1930


At the World Expedition in Barcelona (1929-1930), three men associated with Döllken, (Architects Prof. Metzendorf and Baurat Schneider as well as Prof. Poetter) built a pavillion at the expedition and were recognized and awarded the Grand Prix for one of Döllken’s revolutionary Art Mouldings.

Below is the article about the award written in a German magazine from 1930.

grand prix award

As referenced by Die Form - 1.1.30

Here is a rough English translation of the story:

"The company W. Döllken & Co, Essen-Werden, has been awarded the Grand Prix at the west exhibition for its art strip product "Natural Wood Picture Frame Moldings limited edition". The exhibition pavilion was created according to designs by the architects Prof. Metzendorf and Baurat Schneider, Essen, under the co-operation of Prof. Poetter, Essen."

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