Here you will find a collection of Newspaper clippings dating from the early days of Hollywood, to the skiing race Kurt Simon won later in his life, and all the way to a piece written about Kurt in the LA Times in the late 90's.

Don't miss reading the LA Times Article.  It is very informative and interesting, and reveals a lot about Kurt.  It is a short piece.  When you click on the picture of the cover (at the bottom of this page) it will open a PDF version of the story in a new window.  (Click here if you want to skip ahead to that article.)

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Below you will find a letter written by Dr. Wolfgang Reiniger, mayor of Essen from 1999-2009, to Atsuko upon Kurt's passing.

essen letter

On April 13, 2012 this article appeared in the WERDENER NACHRICHTEN confirming the Simon Family's charitable contribution to their hometown 100 years earlier.  In the name of the Leopold Simon Foundation (a reference to Kurt's Grandfather) a major donation was given that allowed the city of Werden to be supported for over two decades in their efforts to provide better health care for infants.  Else Simon was extremely dedicated to this cause, and none of it would have hapened or been possible without her and her high level of commitment.

100 year werden

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