Here you will find a collection of Newspaper clippings dating from the early days of Hollywood, to the skiing race Kurt Simon won later in his life, and all the way to a piece written about Kurt in the LA Times in the late 90's.

Don't miss reading the LA Times Article.  It is very informative and interesting, and reveals a lot about Kurt.  It is a short piece.  When you click on the picture of the cover (at the bottom of this page) it will open a PDF version of the story in a new window.  (Click here if you want to skip ahead to that article.)

news clipping 1

news clipping 3

news clipping

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news clipping 5

Below you will find a letter written by Dr. Wolfgang Reiniger, mayor of Essen from 1999-2009, to Atsuko upon Kurt's passing.

essen letter

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