Leopold's Story

On January 9 and 16, 2009 the Werdener Nachrichten ran a short summary of the Simon family history in Werden in two articles written by Peter and Thomas Simon.  The first article was titled “Stiftung für Säuglinge; Leopold Simon machte Döllken groß” (Foundation for Infants; Leopold Simon makes Döllken Big).  And the second article was titled “Holzspielzeung für die Kinder; Familien- und Firmengeschichte Simon - Teil 2  (Woodtoys for Kids; Simon Family and Company History - part 2). 

The first article (seen below) describes Leopold Simon, and his work establishing Döllken, as well as work that he did with the city of Werden.  It also talks about the establishment of the Leopold Simon Foundation for Infant Welfare in 1918, a cause that was dear to Else Simon, and which she would support heavily.  

At the bottom the article shows a Simon family photo from 1895 picturing Leopold Simon (1841-1906) and his seven children, as well as his second wife Fanny Moses.  Leopold’s first wife Lina, nee Bellerstein died several years earlier in 1883.  In the back row on the left side we can see Kurt’s father, Dr. h. c. Ernst Simon (1872-1945), one of the most important German woodworking industrialists of his time, and one of the most successful Jewish entrepreneurs at the Ruhr. In 1929 Ernst was awarded an honorary doctorate in engineering from the Technical University of Braunschweig.  He also held the esteemed position of a  judge to Handelsgerichstrat (a commercial court) up until the Nazis came to power in 1933.

Leopolds Story

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