Simons recognized by City

In November of 2015, two reference books were published which showed the impact of Ernst Simon, Else Simon and Leopold Simon on the town of Essen.  Shown below, you will find the covers of the two books (one referencing notable people and the other referencing notable streets.)  Ernst is featured in the book about notable people, which is important because for many years his legacy and history was stripped after the Nazi’s came into power.  This article shows how important this man truly was to his home town.

In the book on notable streets you will learn about Simonaue a street named after Else Simon for her social and charitable creation of a health center for pregnant women and young mothers as well as many other notable contributions to the town.

You will also learn about Leopold-Simon-Street, named after Kurt’s Grandfather.  This was a major accomplishment in the restoration of the Simon legacy since Leopold Simon’s effects on the small town of Essen-Werden cannot be overlooked.

Finally, we have included an english translation of the German text so you can read all about these important people and how their lives changed this town.

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Ernst Article
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