The Rindskopf Connection

The legacy of the Simon family and their heritage and accomplishments stretches beyond the family name.  In 1823, Henriette Simon (the sister of Kurt’s great-grandfather Herz) married Leopold Rindskopf in Steele (Essen).  66 years later in 1889, her grandchildren (Moritz and Otto Rindskopf) bought a textile store in Werden (named J. Simon) from Döllken founder Leopold Simon.  They would go on to expand that textile shop into an apron factory with over 200 employees.  

Here we have a short clipping from the last will of Johanne Vogelsang nee Simon, from 1881.  Johanne was the sister of Henriette, and this document proves the relationship between the two families.

It can be proved that the Rindskopf family has lived in Germany since 1498.

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